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Deliver your best digital experience

Businesses and consumers today live in and work in a digital-first marketplace — and credit unions are no exception.

Members increasingly look for a robust, reliable online experience from you. For a growing number of them, it’s their preferred and often primary means of both interaction and transactions. Giving members the most seamless experience in your digital space is more important than ever.

88% of customerssay they’re likely to switch brands
after just one poor online interaction

Digital Experience Suite

Member Loyalty Group’s Digital Experience Suite was crafted specifically and strategically for this new reality. It’s a powerful and holistic collection of tools that gives you more visibility over members’ online experience, more insight to make changes and improvements, and more ways to set performance goals for digital channels.

From Digital Experience Analytics to outbound and in-session feedback to social listening and more, Member Loyalty Group’s Digital Experience Suite delivers 360 degrees of actionable insights across digital channels.

Digital Experience Analytics (DXA)

Performance metrics

Gain visibility into the day-to-day performance of your digital channels with an overall digital experience score (DXS), as well as scores for five key pillars of the digital experience: engagement, frustration, forms, technical and navigation.

Identify and prioritize

Identify and prioritize experience issues impacting your website and app for quick resolution.

Pinpoint causes

Pinpoint the cause of issues to improve experiences with session replays, heatmaps and more.

Digital Feedback Collection

Multiple pathways

Three different, complementary pathways — outbound, in-session and SMS conversations — allow you to meet members where they’re most comfortable and get the widest and most timely feedback.

Review and understand

Review feedback by activity, sentiment and source to understand the full picture behind each experience.

Social Feedback

Aggregate member feedback

This program aggregates feedback from numerous social channels and review sites and presents it alongside survey feedback for a unified voice of the member.

Comprehensive ratings

See comments and ratings from 30+ sites, including Facebook, Google, Twitter and more.

Competitor analysis

See local competitor scores and reviews.

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