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Digital Experience Suite

Digital Feedback Collection

Our three types of data collection — outbound, in-session and SMS conversations — are designed to complement one another and let you solicit valuable member feedback when and where they most prefer it. Designed to maximize response and quality of information, our surveys support and enrich our Digital Experience Analytics, giving an essential voice-of-the-member component to your digital experience efforts.

Always-on and in-session surveys

Capture member feedback in the moment, while a user’s experience is fresh. These surveys are delivered right in your digital environment based on a user’s behavior on a page or app. They allow you to strategically collect feedback to get direct insight into the quality of experiences at critical touchpoints, such as transaction pages, forms and support documents. Digital surveys can also be more passive, with a button, link or menu option inviting a user to provide feedback.

SMS conversations

Use brief text surveys to capture high-level feedback quickly. SMS conversations can be a valuable source of data, especially when reaching out to members for whom text is a primary form of communication.

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