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Member Experience Programs Pay Off in ROA, Membership Growth and More

After collecting over 5 million member surveys in the past 11 years for more than 125 credit unions, Member Loyalty Group has gained key insights about the link between Member Experience programs based on loyalty scores and financial performance. The latest data shows a clear correlation between loyalty scores and higher ROA as you compare […]

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Best-in-Class Automated Comment Coding

Comment coding is a huge challenge for most organizations today. It’s time consuming, labor intensive, and expensive. For these reasons and more, Member Loyalty Group launched Automated Comment Coding. According to Member Loyalty Group Chief Program Officer Jake Foreman, this automated tagging service allows credit unions to quickly and accurately gain an abundance of knowledge […]

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Credit Union New Member Experience Benchmark Reaches an All-Time High

Member Loyalty Group’s credit union industry New Member Experience benchmark reached a new high in Q1 2019. According to the quarterly report, the average New Member Experience NPS® is now 74.09. So what’s fueling the upward trend in new member experience? We posed this question to Elevations Credit Union of Boulder, CO as they’ve seen […]

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Loyalty Leaders Yield 43% Higher ROA

Have you ever wondered what the ROI is of your credit union’s Member Experience Program? Or, if there is a link between major investments in member experience and financial results? Having collected over 5 million member surveys in the past 10 years for more than 100 credit unions, Member Loyalty Group has gained some insights […]

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