Member Loyalty Group


Our story

A Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) established in 2008 by six leading credit unions, Member Loyalty Group was created to solve a longstanding credit union need — measuring, managing and taking action on member feedback. Our aim was to help credit unions improve the member experience by listening to, evaluating and improving service at every touchpoint.

Combined expertise turning members into advocates

Member Loyalty Group is partnered with Medallia, the leader in the Customer Experience industry. Combining technology with insight, data with industry experience, this partnership enables Member Loyalty Group to help credit unions maximize the results of their member experience initiatives.

Standing behind your success

Steeped in the needs and cultures of the credit unions we serve, we go beyond metrics to empower credit unions to understand, evaluate and act on the core drivers of loyalty. We are true and trusted partners, helping credit unions tap into the power of collaborative data while receiving the benefits of highly individualized service and strategies.

Our founding credit unions include:

“If you don’t measure the quality of the experience you deliver, you can’t possibly improve it.”

Shep Hyken, speaker, author and customer experience expert