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Digital Experience Analytics (DXA)

An easy, reliable and intuitive digital experience is essential to attracting and retaining members. And yet, until now, getting feedback on that experience was neither consistent, comprehensive or timely.

Digital Experience Analytics, from our partner Medallia, changes all that. With DXA, key players in your organization, from leadership to marketing to IT, have the ability to identify and prioritize the most urgent experience issues impacting engagement across your website and app.

Learn your Digital Experience Score (DXS)

At the core of Digital Experience Analytics’ technology is the Digital Experience Score (DXS®). DXS is the first validated, universal metric that calculates the quality of every user’s experience on a scale of 0–10.

This intelligence is represented by an overall score, as well as scores for five key pillars of the digital experience: engagement, frustration, forms, technical and navigation. These individual scores provide valuable insight on how your site and app are performing, areas that are working well and those that require attention.

Other benefits

Understand digital experiences at scale

Get complete visibility into every online experience. By unifying feedback and experience data across channels for every visitor, you can get to the root cause of issues faster and eliminate bottlenecks in key journeys.

Strategically act in the moment

Trigger real-time actions, such as live chat or abandonment surveys, based on digital behaviors like frustration and overall experience scores to combat poor experiences and give members the support they need, when they need it.

Quantify, prioritize and act

Resolve the most urgent member experience issues and increase ROI. By automatically surfacing the most critical issues impacting visitor experience, DXA lets you resolve and drive impact at scale.

What it means for your entire team

Leaders can:

  • Understand overall performance
  • Understand improvement opportunities
  • Set performance goals for digital channels

Marketing can:

  • Identify pain points in the member journey
  • Optimize content and page design
  • Design better conversion funnels

Web development can:

  • Quickly identify technical issues: Page load times, error messages, broken links
  • Test and optimize site features
  • Receive performance alerts

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