Member Loyalty Group

Gathering member feedback

Our core Voice of the Member program captures signals from the channels members use most:

  • Responsive and branded email surveys
  • Web intercepts
  • Mobile in-app feedback
  • Social media feedback and reviews

Transform text into insights

Gathering feedback is the first step, but how do you effectively analyze feedback that comes in written form? Text Analytics uses machine and human learning to detect new issues and trends as they arise, pinpointing potential problems. TA also quantifies the impact of specific topics on your experience metrics to help prioritize improvement efforts.

Get social

The Social Media component of our program enables credit unions to monitor online channels and take action on feedback. Capture online scores and comments from over 25 social and review sites, including Facebook, Facebook Reviews, Google Reviews, Instagram and Twitter.

Prioritize efforts with Action Intelligence

Action Intelligence uses the power of artificial intelligence to automate high-effort, high-impact tasks. AI can alert teams to members at risk of leaving or those in need of immediate attention. It can also automatically raise suggestions found within member feedback so you can focus on what matters most.

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