The Power of Text Analytics

A wealth of feedback is provided in written form,  but how do you effectively and efficiently translate that feedback into actionable data? Medallia’s best-in-class analytic tools allow you to quickly:

  • Identify the Top and Bottom issues impacting your Member Experience scores
  • Track the progress of improvement efforts
  • Detect emerging issues as they happen
  • Empower every employee with knowledge about member needs

See your Top 5/Bottom 5 topics
Quickly view the top/bottom 5 topics for your credit union’s member experience. Dig deeper by filtering by experience type (example, new product). Related topics will display and will include the Impact Score.

See how specific topics impact your experience scores
Quantify the impact of a topic on your member loyalty metrics with an Impact Score. This helps your credit union make smarter decisions and prioritize improvements that will have the largest impact. Sort performance by department, location, member segments and more to enable deep analysis.

Track your progress
See the results of your improvement efforts over time – did they have the expected impact or is more work needed?

Detect emerging issues as they happen
Our Theme Explorer uses AI to automatically detect new issues and trends in real time, alerting you instantly to potential problems. Take a high level view, or dive deeper when you click on a specific topic. See actual member responses so you can review verbatim feedback and take action when needed.

Empower every employee
Personalized reports, intuitive workflows, and topic-based alerts empower every employee, from the C-suite to the frontline, to take action on the root cause of member issues. Get the right insights to the right people at the right time.

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