Member Loyalty Group has created an Internal Service Survey Program incorporating the concept of Net Promoter Score® developed by Fred Reichheld, Bain & Company, and Satmetrix.Our customized program will help credit unions take action toward enhancing the effectiveness of employee interactions in order to create a member-centric culture.

The data you receive – specific to your credit union and the overall industry benchmark – can drive immediate and long-term initiatives for making positive change, leveraging the organization’s strengths and building a strong collaborative culture to support growth.

Program Overview

Member Loyalty Group conducts annual, semi-annual, or quarterly internal service surveys. The survey will identify the needs, wants, and expectations of the internal customers from each of the respective departments within the credit union. Much like external Net Promoter surveys that provide constructive feedback from the members’ perspective, these surveys will provide constructive feedback from the internal members’ perspective.


Reports will include an executive overview, organizational summary score report, department comparisons and a detailed report for each department which will include:

  • Scoring detail for each question
  • Drivers of satisfaction
  • Agreement detail trends
  • Net promoter score trends
  • Comments
  • Benchmark Report*

*Note: For benchmarking purposes, MLG will only include the common departments among participants. MLG will work with each participant to determine which departments fall into the common department list.