The questionnaire utilized in our program was developed specifically for credit unions to help fully understand the multiple drivers of loyalty. We also integrate Customer or Member Effort Score to help credit unions who would like more help identifying specific areas where ease of use can be improved.

Our unique system for data collection allows us to provide you with detailed, timely, and statistically significant information.  We prevent “survey fatigue” and other common do-it-yourself errors by leveraging a world-class platform.

Maintaining a consistent survey methodology across all credit unions results in trustworthy comparisons that provide tremendous insight.  At last you can have a reliable loyalty measure & benchmark for your organizational score card.

There are many ways participating credit unions are using the MLG solution to drive bottom line results and enhance operational efficiency. The chart below is just one example from BCU ($3.1B in assets, headquartered in Vernon Hills, IL) illustrating how several projects – identified directly through the credit union’s NPS program – will enhance overall efficiency.

In fact, BCU estimates that it will save over $500k over a 36-month period with just one of its NPS driven efficiency projects – a major mortgage loan process improvement project.