Allow your entire credit union to focus on its key goal of delivering the best member service experience possible – and be able to track the data to know when their efforts are working.

Holding staff accountable can be a significant challenge for any organization. However, credit unions that have the right tools in place are able to create a culture of performance that sticks and empower their staff to take the actions necessary to achieve their goals. Not only can individual issues be addressed, employees receive a constant stream of feedback directly from members to help them improve their overall performance.

With customizable dashboards and reporting tools that tie member loyalty back to the branch and even individual employee level, the guesswork is removed and data driven performance expectations are brought to life.

Customize your dashboards and reports to:

  • Provide branch managers immediate accessibility to member feedback and scores – for their branch only
  • Allow individual employees to view their own scores and member comments to improve performance
  • Identify the root causes of member loyalty issues – pinpointing them to a specific branch or multiple locations