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Credit Union Industry Q1 2020 Loyalty Benchmark: COVID-19 Member Feedback

Member Loyalty Group’s latest credit union industry benchmark report has been released. As a CUSO formed with the goal of helping credit unions manage and elevate their member experiences, MLG publishes the report each quarter to track loyalty score trends in the industry.

The Q1 report contains data through March 2020, so it’s still too early to provide statistics on how the COVID-19 situation will impact scores overall. Next quarter’s report will be much more telling regarding the mindset of members and how they feel their credit union has responded to/is responding to the crisis.

What is known comes from real-time member feedback provided via multiple channels to MLG’s partner credit unions. MLG has summarized this verbatim feedback into the 6 key areas that have been most important to members. These main themes come from responses across all of MLG’s participating credit unions through April 12, when this report was originally published.

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