Positive or negative, what one member perceives as true about your credit union is what his or her friends and family will believe to be true as well – even if it isn’t. Therein lies the beauty of an open standard member loyalty program designed to give you and your team instant feedback from the real world.

While credit unions as an industry outperform banks and other types of organizations regularly in terms of loyalty, the phenomenon shown below can be just as true for individual institutions. The outside world (in this case your members) could be seeing things much differently.

Net Promoter® Drives Results

Certainly, you have the tools in place right now to act on member concerns and issues, including a great front line staff, online and offline member channels, and a management team eager enough to push for a culture transformation. The only problem is, your data is likely outdated by the time it gets to anyone who can make a difference. Net Promoter is different.

Loyal Members Are More Profitable

The Member Loyalty Group program is designed to improve loyalty behaviors, growth and success by combining organizational alignment with system infrastructure and process integration. This industry leading program delivers member feedback in near real-time, so you can:

  • Accurately assess member perceptions
  • Track loyalty trends over time
  • Drive results



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